We enable RIAs to solidify their legacy of service while making retirement financially possible. 


Our Mission

To make RIAs proud by the way we serve their clients, while helping them to achieve retirement dreams that once seemed out of reach. 

Why settle for Less?

On average we pay ~30% more cash at closing and ~72% more cash post closing

Benefits for Advisors & Their Clients

  • Advisors reduce their workload while continuing to maintain earnings

  • Advisors lock-in a premium for their practice while choosing how long and at what level they want to work

  • Advisors benefit from a predictable transition process that reduces their risk

  • Advisors are no longer dependent on the success of a single successor to achieve a great retirement

  • Clients receive tailored financial strategies that reflect their unique goals and risk profiles

  • Clients gain access to a caring team that seeks their best interest

  • Clients are able to see and manage all their investments online with a focus on transparency

  • Care, Communication and our Planning Cadence create a foundation for success